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The Islands

We currently offer a wide range of swims around small beginner islands to islands for improvers and more experienced swimmers.

When you bag your inch you will get a commemorative medal for each island as you progress.

Our Swims

Bookings can be made directly on our bookings page and payment via Stripe or credit/debit card.

Before making a booking please read our terms and conditions before committing to a booking. 

Swim Grading

We have graded the islands beginner, intermediate and experienced so there’s something for everyone.

Each island offers different challenges and you can swim more than one island per day if you are up for a challenge.

Swim4miles has been in operation since 2014 helping swimmers achieve their aims swimming the length or width of Loch Lomond.  This is our new initiative set up in September 2018. Inchbaggers™ is a new challenge for open water swimmers of all abilities.

​What is an Inchbagger™?  Climbers in Scotland  climb  mountains over 3000 feet  and are deemed  to have ‘bagged a Munro”.  We have decided that why should climbers have all the fun and to allow open water swimmers to have their own version of this hence Inchbaggers

So why Inch? The bigger islands on Loch Lomond all begin with the word ‘Inch’ which is gaelic for Island.

How do I ‘bag an Inch’?    The aim is swim around all the islands on loch lomond and there are over 30 of them of various sizes.  Small ones can be teamed up with bigger islands to allow you to bag as many Inch’s as you can in one swim or you can swim the big one first which is 4 1\2 miles around.

​But I am a newbie to open water swimming  No worries.  There are islands of various sizes.  You can gain your confidence on the small ones and watch your progress as you bag the bigger ones.

How do i prove it?  We will provide you with a collectable momento for each ‘Inch’ you bag and an ongoing record of Inch’s you have swum so you can tick them off as you complete them.